Carl Mand bell shaped grand piano

Carl Mand bell shaped grand piano serial number 51551, Koblenz 1910
Bell-shaped Mand baby grand. Fully restored and rebuilt by our professional team.
Absolutely beautiful sound and perfect touch. For professional demands. We used a high-glossy 2-component varnish, which is environmentally friendly and looks similar to a French polish.
Due to its symmetrical shape, the Mand can be placed on the room in any corner, in any way.
Rare bell wing – 160 cm long..


Soundboard repaired, plate polished and varnished, scale recalculated, reference to Heller and roslau strings, many parts changed and renewed, hammer heads, damping, felt parts, axles. Keyboard cleaned, very nice natural key surface sanded and polished and much more. Thoroughly fine-tuned, voiced and tuned.
Housing of environmentally friendly 2-component nitro lacquer.
Technically and optically new.
Full bass, singing middle register, fine sparkling treble.

You can set the bell wing from any side, it looks beautiful from all sides.