Olivier Marechal - Concert Pianist

It was with Ramzi Yassa and Nicole Haviland that Olivier Mallory began studying piano at the age of 14; despite his late but dazzling beginnings, he gave his first recital at the age of 16 and a year later he played concertos by Bach and Mozart as soloist with the Republican Guard Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Roger Boutry. He continued his musical studies at the Ecole Normale de Musique - Alfred Cortot in Paris under the direction of Narcisse Bonnet and Marian Rybicki; it is France Clidat’s masterclass that he obtained a very brilliant Concertist Licence. He also worked with Norman Beadie in London, where he received the highest honours at the Guild School. For five years he participated in the summer sessions of the famous American Conservatory of Fontainebleau under the direction of Gaby Casadessus; at the same time, he practiced the organ and obtained all his national diplomas in 1993. During fifteen years, he stayed as titular organist in Fontainebleau. He perfected his piano interpretation with Jean Fassina and Aldo Ciccolini and pursued a very distinguished international career for many years, giving piano recitals, chamber music concerts, playing as a soloist with orchestra throughout Europe and North America.

Olivier Mallory has chosen in recent years to specialize in the repertoire for four-handed and two pianos giving numerous concerts with the great pianist Jorg Demus, who greatly appreciated him and often played Schubert's works with him, as well as with great performers like Etsuko Hirose and Alex Szilasi.

Known for his interest and his great knowledge of historical keyboards and period harps, he was called upon as an expert for fifteen years in the most famous auctions.

His discography, among the most recent releases are:

  • The complete piano waltzes by Frédéric CHOPIN on a period instrument.
  • Waltzen op. 39 by BRAHMS and transcription of TCHAÏKOVSKI's 5th symphony for four-handed piano with Alex Szilasi.
  • Transcription for four-handed piano of DVORAK's 9th symphony "New World" and SMETANA's Moldau with Alex Szilasi.
  • Works for two pianos by BRAHMS, RACHMANINOV and TCHA-KOVSKI with Aya Okuyama.

An album of organ works transcribed for piano with 4 hands of BACH, HAENDEL, VIVALDI with Antoine Nicolas.


Jay Darian Mallory

Visionary Corporate Social Entrepreneur with over 20 years of wide-ranging national and international experience. Jay has recognized records of accomplishment in long and short-term planning, entrepreneurship.

Jay Mallory is the Co-founder of Palace Pianos, one of the largest and unique antique piano collections in the world. Jay has worked as an Expert for Pianoforte and harps for some of the highest Auction houses Worldwide.

Dealing with Archives of the past, Jay Mallory is considered to be one of the Archaeologists, the Indiana Jones for finding some of the most rare Pianos that have been found in the world. Self studied in musicology and piano history, Jay Mallory Knowledgeable in almost all marks of pianos and specializing in high-end art cased pianos and harps.

claudia-palace pianos


Claudia Klinkenberg was born in Bonn/ Germany. She has been in the piano business since more than 30 years. She started collecting period instruments some 12 years ago, deepening her knowledge and experience since then year by year.

As a pianist, Klinkenberg confidently moves between many different styles; her musical and emotional range is far-reaching. In her programs, she combines ancient music, classical, world music, jazz and pop. She has performed in Bonn, Stuttgart (Mercedes-Benz-Museum), Karlsruhe (multiple times on the European Cultural Days festival), Münster (Westphalian State Museum), in the city of Bach Köthen (the famous Spiegelsaal, or Hall of Mirrors), Munich (BMW World), Milan, Paris (Festival of St. Cloud), Vienna (Bösendorfer Hall), Los Angeles, in a number of cities in India and in many other cities in Germany and around the world.

Knut Franke, editor of the magazine FonoForum, has pronounced Klinkenberg as "ready for the German Record Prize” after hearing her interpretations of Albéniz.

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian.


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