Selling and Evaluation. What is my Piano Worth?

Selling your piano...

For most pianos owners, historical and market values of pianos can be an over daunting task: With our combined knowledge, expertise,
and resources such as authentic archives documents, we can offer the highest possibilities of value for your piano in today’s markets.
We find it important for you to get the best value for you valued instrument. With markets being erratic, we find ways of presenting you instrument
in the best possible way and achieve the best sale possible.

It’s important to follow these simple instructions for us to provide you with these possibilities

  • Photos

    Photos showing the best possible conditions of the piano. Photos of the close case, open with the keys, and photo of the inside mechanics

  • Maker

    Maker of the piano and serial number when possible. This helps us evaluate what your pianos worth is in today’s markets and also allows us to find any records that may exist of the existing piano.

  • Location

    The location of the piano is important to know. We have people from all over the world that contact us about their pianos. Each country has its own different market value of pianos and as well a currency that can make huge differences in this market value. Please tell us where the piano is located.

  • Consignmen

    Consignment of your piano can be done in two possible ways. 
    (1) First we can actually offer to take this piano on hands on consignment and have displayed in our Gallery or workshop. This actually helps us gain the best possible full value of the piano and gives us hands on expertise of the piano as well.
    (2) Second is having a place on our website to offer your piano for sale from its place of origin. We would need various good photos of the piano and of course the location and your contact information for the person that would be interested in possibly buying the piano. 

    The amount of our fees is usually agreed with you individually. Unless otherwise agreed, our basic commission is 25% (exclusive VAT) of the selling price. If there is no selling price, it depends on the estimated value. We require also a non-refundable 10%commission for our work of displaying and giving you the best possibility of selling your piano through our website. This 10% commission need to be paid before the posting is made public.

  • Evaluation

    Evaluation of your piano and/or archive research to further conclude the true worth of an instrument. We expertise in dealing with Art cased pianos that have a value in today’s market not as an instrument but as a piece of art and history. These piano hold their values even when markets are not in a positive mode. It is important for us to help you in true value in today’s markets, so we do the homework for you. If you are in need of help in these areas, please fill out the contact sheet in order for us to help evaluate your precious instrument. For deep records research, there can be a charge of up to 50 € for our time. 

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