Selling and Evaluation. What is my Piano Worth?

Sell your piano

Please give us your piano Your Details and attach maximum up to 20MB or for bigger files give us GoogleDrive / WeTransfer links.

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With our combined knowledge, expertise, and resources such as authentic archives documents,
we can offer the highest possibilities of value for your piano in today’s markets.
We find ways of presenting you instrument in the best possible way and achieve the best sale possible.

Please follow these simple instructions for us to provide you with these possibilities

  • Photos

    Photos of the close case, open with the keys, and photo of the inside mechanics

  • Maker

    Maker of the piano and serial number when possible.

  • Location

    The location of the piano is important to know. We have people from all over the world that contact us about their pianos.

  • Evaluation

    Evaluation of your piano and/or archive research to further conclude the worth of an instrument.