Sicilian Sculpted Armchair Baroque Rococo Italy Throne Shell Walnut Linen Velvet.

Authentic Southern Italian, Sicilian throne, as it has been traditionally used in the large rural estates for the padrone, for the noble chief.
Seating height would be perfect for a modern writing desk. The seating upholstery is quite firm, giving a good support.

  • Dimensions
    Height: 120 cm
    Width: 62 cm
    Depth:  58 cm
    Seat Height: 53 cm


The carvings depicting the rising sun on top, the sea, and acanthus for a long life.
The armchair can be dated around 1715.
Carefully restored. All the carvings are complete, and fully original. Upholstered with an exclusive linen velvet by Maison Charles Burger, Paris. Color is a calm ocher-red.