Ibach Rosewood Grand Circa 1845

This is a stunning piano, a rare gem.
Length : 185 cm
Made in Germany mid of 19th century
Probably a prototype.
Technically overhauled by the team of our master workshop. The name Steinway is on the key lid. It is very likely that this name has been added afterwards. We believe it to be an Ibach, or a Bechstein, based on the construction features and the cast iron plate.
The piano comes from a well known family in Germany, was in the family for about 100 years, and had a high quality refurbishment a few years ago.
A beautiful Frensh polished rosewood case.
There is a hand written number on the underside of the music desk: 1368. If this would be an Ibach serial Number, the year would be around 1845. Regarding the age: the action, similar to Pleyel, indicates a year of manufacture around 1850.
Heinrich Pape developed the cross-stringing in 1828, and there were prototypes with cross-stringing long before Steinway patented it. The high bass bridge is interesting.
The sound is bright, brilliant, a huge and friendly tone, a very beautiful instrument, a joy to play on it.

2 years warranty on our work.