German Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp Stand Glazed Ceramics Green Brown.

A ceramic glazed lamp stand by the pottery Artist Lilo Grinzoff-Assenmacher, Germany 1960ties. The colors vary from black, beige, brown to green.

  • Creator :
    Lilo Grinzoff- Assenmacher
  • Dimensions :
    Height: 47 cm
    Diameter: 44 cm
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Lilo Grinzoff- Assenmacher (1921- 2016) was a highly respected and awarded sculptor and pottery artist. Her large wall reliefs of free form, religious themes and animals are present on a number of public buildings’ facades like town halls, and in churches in the Bonn/ Cologne area.
This lamp stand is a unique work by the renowned artist, a work that exists only once in the world and cannot be remade anymore. A timeless collector’s item.