Rittmüller Upright Art Nouveau Circa 1905s

cased in walnut with inlaid marquetry panel depicting a young woman playing a flute in a stylized landscape, with two pairs of brass candlesticks holders
58½in, (148.5 cm.) wide; 55 in. (140 cm.) deep; 27 in. (68.5 cm.) high

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W. Rittmüller & Sohn AG was a piano manufacturer originated in Göttingen, Germany.

In the late 18th century, Andreas Georg Rittmüller and his son, Gottlieb Wilhelm Rittmüller (1772-1829),began production of lutes, guiters, and harps in Göttingen. In 1795, the production of piano began in their workshop, and after the father’s death in c. 1800, the company was officially named “G. W. Rittmüller.”

Two sons of Gottlieb Wilhelm Rittmüller, Johann Wilhelm (born 1802) and Johann Martin (born 1803), joined the company. Gottlieb Wilhelm Rittmüller died in 1829, and the company was renamed “W. Rittmüller & Sohn.”

The company became bunkrupt in 1890 and sold. With changing owners and partners, the production continued in Göttingen and later in Berlin. The company was converted into GmbH in 1901, then AG in 1920. After financial difficulties, in 1929, the facilities were leased to Niendorf Flügel- und Klavierfabrik. In 1933, W. Ritmüller & Sohn AG was liquidated.

In 1990, the Pearl River Piano Group in China registered the trademark “Ritmüller” in Germany, then worldwide, and have used the brand name “Ritmüller” for their pianos since 1997.


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