Grand Piano Glossy White Polish by Feurich Post Modern Chrome Art Déco Style

Feurich Grand Piano Glossy White Polish Post Modern Chrome Art Déco Style
Depth : 178cm
Width : 152cm
Height : 102cm
New Parlour Grand Piano by Feurich.


Feurich is a family run company, based in Vienna, Austria and Ningbo, China. The constructions and designs are German, and the work in China is being executed under close German and Austrian supervision, using a lot of German quality parts. The result is an individual, warm sound. The quality and durability is keeping up with the Japanese competitors Yamaha and Kawai.
Our supplier is the Southern German Feurich Center, run by the main constructor of Feurich, Master Technician Jörg Hauser, who prepares each piano personally, regulating and intonationg them thoroughly. This Feurich grand has a beautiful sound and a professional touch. It is brand new.
The elegant case features a post modern, Art Déco Style case design in chrome and steel grey finish of the iron frame.
Recommended for all kinds of music.
All Feurich models, black, white, uprights, and all sizes are available through us.
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