Gebrüder Knake Art Cased Grand piano serial number 5396 circa 1870s

An Art cased Grand piano in Sculpted walnut 220 cm long Straight stung with 85 keys


Gebrüder Knake Art Cased Grand piano serial number 5396 circa 1870s
This piano not only holds its weight down in history with the wood used, but also stands as a fantastic artistically profile of the Renaissance, Hunting Wilhelminian, and Elizabethan styles it is representing. One can see such a piano belonging to the likes of the Neuschwanstein Castle, a 19th-century Romanesque Revival Palace, where it would blend into each rooms design like a fitted glove.

Gebrüder Knake Art Cased Grand piano finished around 1870s made of solid pieces of aged oak having panels of finely engraved etchings that complete the case. Bulbous legs supporting the heavy construction of the piano having the front two legs connected to further support, a later metal support was added later to further help support the weight of this piano. Pedal system having a full panel of sculpted oak with two dragons or Griffons, almost protecting the pedals from stranger’s feet that do not belong to the piano. The design of this piano just takes your breath away when one looks at the intensity of the case.

Not much is known of Gebrüder Knake pianos, though the ones we have come across were all very fine examples of the known early German piano maker. It is known the company started somewhere around 1808. They were best known for the Humidity and tropical resistant pianos and sold many to the international markets. The company was based in Münster. The pianos and grand pianos were characterized by a solid construction, exquisite vocal posture and noble tonal character.

220 cm long, straight strung, 85 Keys


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