Edwardian Satinwood Chinoiserie Decorated Piano Bench

Early 20th century, hinged and upholstered seat lifts to reveal storage compartment, with gilt and polychrome relief decorated landscapes to either side of apron, foliate decorated square legs, wood base 44,45 x 80,32 x 33,33


Not unlike Victorian furniture, Edwardian furniture was an eclectic mix. Antiques and antique collection were becoming popular and a period of revivals ensued, with craftsmen replicating furniture from the Tudor, Renaissance and Georgian eras into which were integrated modern styles. However, it would be incorrect to assume that the Edwardians were fixated on the past, they embraced as readily Avant-guard furniture movements such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

The Edwardian period is known for reviving popular styles from the past and mixing them with new styles, which made reproductions very common. Unfortunately, this can also make it difficult to identify Edwardian furniture, as many integrate elements from different historical periods and countries.


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