Art Deco Gaveau Baby-Flügel

Modernes französisches Art Déco Flügel, entworfen von Pierre-Paul Montagnac.

Seriennummer 91828
Baujahr 1933
150 cm lang

Vollständig und schön restauriert

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French Modernist Art Déco Piano, designed by Pierre-Paul Montagnac.
Year of manufacture 1933
Serial Number 91828

Height: 39.38 in. (100 cm)
Width: 59.06 in. (150 cm)
Depth: 59.06 in. (150 cm)

Carefully restored in our Master Piano Workshop. Sound and touch is stunning.
We took great care to keep the piano in its historical originality, we preserved all parts.
We have a decades experience in the restoration of historical pianos, our clients are pianists, conductors, sound engineers from all over the world. We give a warranty and take care of your piano after your purchase.