Upright figured piano by Albert Fahr-Art Nouveau

Figured walnut and veneered case upright no serial number found. Estimated year is 1900s Art Nouveau


A fine figured Walnut veneered upright piano made by Albert Fahr. He was a Piano manufacturer is Zeitz,Province of Saxony, Germany. Art Nouveau period

Zeitz was an important European center of renowned pianoforte factories that had secured sales markets around the globe. Every year, over 1,000 pianos were built. Not just quality and branded goods, but instruments that meet the highest artistic standards. 1891 are mentioned in connection with a commercial and industrial exhibition: R. Hupfer & Co., Morenz & Schemelli, Oscar Gerbstädt, F. Geissler, C. Hölling & Spangenberg, Albert Fahr, E. Rübner & Co. and P. Schmidt & Son, company Krietzsch. In addition, numerous companies came as suppliers.


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