Schimmel baby grand piano serial number 70650 Circa 1964


Beautiful Schimmel Baby Grand Piano serial number 70650

Nut wood case , ivory keys, 155 cm long
Fully repaired, fully working and ready to play.
Recommended for a professional.
This Schimmel grand comes with a rare mid-century-modern case. The nut wood color looks a bit like teakwood. The case, especially with the lyre is matching with Danish design of the 1950ies and 60ties.
The sound is amazingly big and round, it sounds more like a 170 cm grand.
Because we know the Schimmel is perfect, we give you 5 years warranty.


Schimmel is a German piano maker with factories in Braunschweig, Germany and Kalisz, Poland. Their product line has been described as “the most highly awarded German piano”.
The company was founded 1885 by Wilhelm Schimmel in Leipzig, Germany. Four generations of the Schimmel family have since managed and grown the family-owned business.
Schimmel Pianos is known for producing “made in Germany” instruments of high quality.