Rothe & Junius Upright made in Hagen Germany

Rother & Junius Hagen Germany Upright piano serial number 5804 circa 1915


In 1889, August Roth founded a piano factory in Hagen / Westfahlen Germany under his name “Klavierfabrik AUGUST ROTH”.
After the entry of a new partner, Heinrich Junius, the company changed its name to “ROTH & JUNIUS”.

The quality of the manufactured instruments was and still is quite convinced to many new customers. As a result, Roth & Junius were awarded both a title as Maker and preveyor and won several gold medals in competitions. In 1909, a new branch was opened in Berlin and in 1921, the company was known as August Roth Berlin.

The company was well positioned and survived the economic crisis of the 1920s, which fell victim to a large number of German piano manufacturers.
Production was discontinued for economic reasons in 1962; the brand name was used from 1989 for instruments by Young Chang / Ibach.

Buying used Roth and Junius piano and grand pianos is a good alternative to the new purchase for young beginners. These are considered a more affordable first time piano


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