Pleyel Art Cased Harpsichord Wanda Landowska

Rare model of Pleyel double Manuel Harpsichord having a patterned inlaid in various types of exotic wood. Standing on 6 turned legs to match. 6 Pedals


Rare Pleyel harpsichord serial number 139064 year 1906
Pleyel harpsichord in a well-mannered case of Mahogany and rosewood in a stylish case. Cross banded and quartered inlay standing on 6 reeded turned legs. A two manual instrument having a 6 pedal system.
It is said that Wanda Landowska, famous Harpsichordist had used the exact same model for a two year period on her European concert tour. The one that is in question was number 22F823, where we find the number of this one to be two numbers away 22F821. Though no one has been able to prove which one it was, we do know that during this time, not many of this special model had been made. You can see clearly see Ms Wanda Landowska at the front of the Harpsichord in the photo provided here.

This Pleyel harpsichord can be seen as the prototype of the ‘modern harpsichord’. It saw the light of day as part of the rediscovery and revival of early music, which began in 1830.
The historical concerts in Paris, organized by the Belgian composer, musicologist and music critic François-Joseph Fétis (1784-1871) were a fine example of this renewed interest, which gathered momentum in the second half of the nineteenth century.
In the pursuit of originality, it was soon considered important that early music should be played on the appropriate instruments, hence the reconditioning and copying of many early instruments. It is in that spirit that the firm Pleyel constructed its first harpsichord, which it presented at the 1889 World Fair.


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