Kriegelstein et Arnaud Square Fortepiano from the French Industrial Exposition of 1834

Square Fortepiano made by Kriegelstein Et Arnaud Paris 1834
Piano is described in the Report of the French Industrial Exposition of 1834 where the piano maker had won recognition and Silver Medal award. “MM. Kriegelstein et Arnaud : Deux pianos à six octaves et demie. L’un frappe les cordes en dessus; sa forme est à gorge.”
In complete Original condition Exhibition 1834 Square Fortepiano made by Kriegelstein et Arnaud Paris
Case is made of Rio Rosewood with enhanced fruit-wood decoration. Name plate is of Silver. Down striking action similar to that is Jean Henri Pape’s mechanism for pianos.

Length- 182 cm
width- 54 cm
height of case without legs- 30 cm
With legs- 80 cm


A truly remarkable museum piece, this spectacular 1834 treasure is definitely striking with its elegantly curved and designed case to catch ones eyes within a room as a center piece, clearly a talking point when one is taken by the attention of what one may think would be an elegant side table. To construct such a masterpiece, both Kriegelstein and Arnaud used not only the best workers but as well the finest pieces of wood veneer they were available. Described as destinguished by the most perfect execution, it goes without note that the judges awarded the makers with what was well deserved.

The French Industrial exposition ran from 1 May 1834 to 30 June 1834. There were 2,447 exhibits in an area of 14,288 square meters (153,790 sq ft). Charles Dupin of the Institut Français, a famous statistician, was named rapporteur for the central jury of 1834. For each branch of industry he noted the quantities and value of French exports and imports, with comparative figures for 1823, 1827 and 1834. The exposition lasted 60 days, with 2,447 exhibitors.

Pianos were the main feature of the musical instruments section, including the square forte pianos, three-sided and upright pianos, grand pianos and pianos with from three to seven octaves. There were also harps, wind instruments, violins and guitars. Other exhibitors included inventors of medical appliances, watchmakers, cabinetmakers, chimney sellers, engravers, pump sellers, cutlers, goldsmiths, jewelers, roofers and paper sellers.


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