John Broadwood & Sons Upright Pianoforte serial number 3363 year 1839

An Extraordinary Early Upright pianoforte made by the famous London Piano maker John Broadwood & Sons, Maker of pianos to the Royal Families of England.


This early John Broadwood & Sons fortepiano is fully restored in a very careful and sensitive way. It is in fully playable condition ready for concerts and recordings of period music .
The case has also been restored using the French polished manner bringing the original glory back that it once was given by the famous London piano manufacturer. Early uprights (pleyels called these pianino) from this era are rare to find in such original state and intact.
Cottage upright made by John_Broadwood and Sons pianoforte serial number 3363 was sent out on 12 April 1839.
From the porters books archives reads: Friday 12 April 1839
A Semi Cottage Pianoforte with case made of Spanish wood ( spanish mahogany ), was sold and delivered to Messrs.
Hime Beale and Company, Music Warehouse,Manchester, delivered at Paddington to go by Kenworthy’s boat (via canal system)
ince its discovery by the first Spanish explorers to the new world, Mahogany has been treasured for its rich, red-brown beauty, stability, and workability. From the ships of explorer Cortes, to the palace of King Philip II of Spain, to England’s Nottingham Castle, mahogany has been the hardwood of choice for some of the world’s most significant structures.
From 1715 to today, Mahogany has been imported and exported all over the globe to make high-end tables, chairs, chests, bedsteads and other furniture. Beyond furniture, Mahogany is ideal for high-grade joinery, shop-fittings, showcases, counters, and interior decoration. Its greatest virtues are its easy workability and stability; once shaped, it does not shrink or warp. Moreover, it is naturally durable and can be readily polished to a glossy luster.


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