John Broadwood & Sons Upright Cottage, a piano for a Queen

24366 year 1863. Rich case with various fret work of acanthus leaves in decorated Rosewood, finished with two sculpted legs. The piano sat in the Music Salon of Windsor Castle. The piano is in original condition and will be restored at request of the buyer.


John Broadwood & Sons Upright Piano Serial Number 24366 year 1863, A piano delivered to Windsor Castle for Queen Victoria´s personal use.
The porters book entry for Friday 6 February 1863  reads:
To Her Majesty Queen Victoria, delivered to Windsor Castle

Queen Victoria would be the Great Great Great Great Grandmother to Both Prince William and Prince Harry of England

Windsor Castle Inventory ticket is still inside piano, with further letter confirming the piano from Windsor castle past inventory from the secretary to HRH Queen Elizabeth_II

With fretwork on the top and bottom, the whole of the piano is impressive to ones eyes.  Stunning rosewood veneers are used with the utmost importance of grains and direction not to overtake the simplicity of the piano itself. Followed in front by two sculpted legs of the same.


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