Grotrian Steinweg Concert Grand Piano G-275

The G-275 has the sonority and brilliance of an entire orchestra. The G-275 belongs to the best grand pianos in the world. Its sound, action and equipment are the highest standards of quality, exclusivity and perfection.

Grotrian Steinweg Concert Grand Piano G-275
Brunswick 1955
Length 277 cm
277 x 156 x 100 cm, 550 kg

To name a few steps of the rebuilt: Soundboard repaired, bridge doubled, Plate polished and varnished, new pins and strings, new hammers, stems, rolls, damping, felt parts, axles. Keyboard renewed, and much more. Thoroughly fine tuned, intonated and tuned. Case polyester black high gloss.
Concert grand piano of the prestigious brand Grotrian Steinweg in mint condition.
Sound sample on YouTube, with the search terms “Klinkenberg Grotrian”.
We give 5 years warranty on our work as on a new instrument.

Carefully restored in our Master Piano Workshop. Sound and touch is stunning.
We took great care to keep the piano in its historical originality, we preserved all parts.