George Rogers London Square piano Rare down-striking action from 1910

Rogers & Sons London Square piano made in the year 1910. Case of Mahogany having a full 88 notes. Very rare


Very rare for us, this being possibly the youngest square piano being made in the years 1910 in London by
Rogers & Sons Piano Manufacturing company. Though it is just a design of the old models of square , this piano comes with many surprises. Modern sound and key counts. Mechanics is a modern copy of the down-striking actions that Jean Henri Pape was famous for almost 100 year before this one was made.
Stunning Mahogany in a simple yet elegant case made to look like a side table.
Rogers was known for his many innovations in piano constructions. Built at the time of the war between England and Germany, each Country was trying to outdo the other in sale and construction.


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