Double manuel French Harpsichord made by William Dowd- after Paskal Taskin

Double Manuel French Harpsichord William Dowd No. 106 of October 1978 – copy of a French instrument of the late eighteenth century 5 octaves. based  on original design by Pascal Taskin 1723-1793


beautiful sound with very beautiful bass. This instrument is in perfect condition and was recently recorded; the soundboard is impeccable and the original mechanism has been completely revised
This instrument is a transposer (415/440); it has 2 sets of 8 ‘and one of 4’ as well as a game of lute with the upper keyboard. Its two-tone lacquer is embellished with gilding with gold leaf. The folding desk is integrated.
It has two removable legs and one cover for protection and transport
In their time during William Dowd’s lifetime, these instruments were the Rolls Royce of Harpsichords

Renowned American harpsichord maker William Dowd (1922 – 2008) was a pioneer of the historical harpsichord movement. Trained in the manner of Arnold Dolmetsch, Dowd is credited with rescuing the harpsichord from crude “modernization” in the first half of the 20th century—and reviving the original craftsmanship of the historical 17th century instrument. Based on the designs of French harpsichord builder Pascal Taskin, Dowd worked out a standard design that has become the benchmark for performers—and the succeeding generations of harpsichord builders—across North America and Europe.


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