Concert Grand Erard Paris in a Rosewood case with French Noble connection

Concert Grand piano serial number 61158 year 1886. Rosewood case with length of 260 cm. 85 notes. Piano


Erard Paris Concert Grand 1886 Sold to Count de Liedekerke Beaufort in Paris the same year.
Erard pianos were marketed as the finest pianos in the world and their instruments were some of the most elaborate expensive pianos ever produced. Erard continued to enjoy huge success on an international level until the first decades of the 20th Century.
Erard’s pianos are known for their unique ‘forte-piano’ quality also known as one of the most illustrious piano manufacturers of all time in France. Erard began building superior harpsichords in Paris in the mid 1700s and he built his first small square piano in about 1777. Erard’s instruments were so renowned that he obtained a license from King Louis XVI to produce pianos for the French Court.

Today Erard pianos are once more being sought after for their quality in sound and touch and are being used in more and more recordings and live concerts on an international base.


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