Challen & Sons Art cased Grand piano with Chinoiserie

Challen London Grand Japanned Art case serial number 47498 circa 1935
stunning example of Japanned lacquer grand piano by Challen London. Fully functional and technically repaired.  Light touch and plays beautifully. Perfect for ones home as art and as well entertainment. 150 cm long.


Challen has been a name, well-associated with the finest crafted pianos since 1804.Pianos that have graced royal households, concert halls, music conservatoires, hotel and broadcasting studios for decades.

Challen. A name closely associated with the British Broadcasting Corporation for over 30 years. Where excellent tonal quality, reliability and consistency in performance have made it the British piano of the British Broadcasting Corporation; and won it the much coveted “Royal Appointment Award” for product excellent.

We come across these pianos quite often and it is one of our more common asked for pianos. Japanning is a type of finish that originated as a European imitation of Asian lacquer work. Japanning is most often a heavy black “lacquer”, almost like enamel paint. Black is common and japanning is often assumed to be synonymous with black japanning. The European technique uses varnishes that have a resin base, similar to shellac, applied in heat-dried layers which are then polished, to give a smooth glossy finish.


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