Bosendorfer Small Imperial Grand 275 in Black High gloss case

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Bösendorfer, one of the oldest piano manufacturers, was established in 1828 by Ignaz Bösendorfer. It has a history of producing highly respected instruments; in 1830, it was granted the status of official piano maker to the Emperor of Austria. Ignaz’s son Ludwig Bösendorfer (15 April 1835 – 9 May 1919) assumed control in 1859, operating from new premises from 1860. Between 1872 and its closure in 1913, the associated Bösendorfer-Saal was one of the premier concert halls of Vienna. In 1909, Carl Hutterstrasser purchased the company and was succeeded by his sons Alexander and Wolfgang in 1931. In 1966, the Jasper Corporation (later renamed Kimball International), parent company of Kimball Pianos, assumed control of Bösendorfer, where it remained before returning to Austrian hands, when the BAWAG PSK Gruppe purchased it in 2002. BAWAG signed an agreement to sell all stock in Bösendorfer to Yamaha on 20 December 2007.

Revered and desired by many of history’s most prominent musicians, Bösendorfer pianos have secured a lasting reputation as some of the finest instruments ever built, which persists to this day. Following a suggestion by Ferruccio Busoni, intending to facilitate more accurate transcriptions of pieces by J.S. Bach, Bösendorfer constructed a unique instrument with an expanded range of 97 keys to match the lower registers of the organ’s bass pedals. This innovation not only provided for a piano with extraordinary capabilities, but also an expanded pallet of overtones that serve to bolster a signature sonority that is already known for its unrivaled dark richness. The expanded register was later put into production on the model 290 “Imperial” grand, as was a 92 note register given to the models 225 and 275, of which the present example represents, from its final years of production.


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