Alexandre Pere et Fils Rare ‘Orgue Mixte’ circa 1870s

Walnut case sculpted Length 150 cm, width 84 cm, height 234 cm

14 stops with a one keyboard having five octaves. C to C


This rare instrument is the first of its kind found by us at Palace Pianos. Case is made on monumental sculpted pieces of oak. We do not know much about these types of instruments and even have a hard time saying if this was a prototype or not. There is Pipes on the top like an organ, and under are reeds like a reed organ.

Alexandre Père et Fils was a  former French factor of harmoniums . The manufacture was one of the great names of the French harmoniums , such as with Debain or Mustel .

This innovative company, led by skilled tradesmen, offered the public a very varied and quality production: from the “100 francs organ” to the large monumental instruments with several keyboards. Best known for his harmoniums, the company Alexander Father and Son also manufactured and marketed accordions , piano-organs, upright pianos, and grand pianos


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