Art cased Erard Grand serial number 91963

A piano with an entangled past of Music, Prosperity, and Passion Erard Grand serial number 91963 finished in 1907, Wedding Gift to Mrs. Mabelle Gilan Corey.
Citrus wood cased with further wood inlay, supported by six legs with further inlay and brass applications. Form of a harpsichord. Records show the piano was purchased at 4000 F, a very large amount for the time (See photos below). Piano was delivered to Château de Vilgénis in Massy, Length 255 cm.

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Mrs Corey was an American actress. She had an affair with William Ellis Corey which led to the dissolution of his marriage, and they later married. In this year she first met William Ellis Corey during an engagement of “The Mocking Bird” in Pittsburgh. Corey was a millionaire, having made his fortune in steel. He was president of United States Steel.
Corey had a wife Laura and a son Alan. His wife Laura, unable to divorce William in Pennsylvania and retain custody of her son or receive a settlement to support herself and her son, traveled to Reno, Nevada to be granted a divorce from William. After satisfying the six-month residency requirement Laura filed for divorce, resulting in full custody of Allan and an unprecedented $3,000,000 (approximately $81,711,000 today) settlement. Pittsburgh society threatened to shun Corey if he married Mabelle. Mabelle and William Corey married on May 14, 1907.

Corey had bought his new wife a chateau in France, valuable jewels and had given her one million dollars all as a wedding present.
Corey’s Reno divorce from his first wife Laura and subsequent marriage to Mabelle help put Reno on the map as a destination for quickie divorces


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